Type Z conveyor belt

It is a conveyor belt manufactured by transverse rods shaped in the shape of a “Z” and linked together. Working by positive traction using driving sprockets. Ideal for light transfers. Manufactured in accordance with the latest food safety requirements for food processing equipment, such as FDA, GMP standards and 1935/2004/CE regulation

Technical specifications

They are available in a wide variety of models and wire diameters under these specifications:

  • Wire diameters from 1 to 2,35mm
  • Pitch from 4,25 to 12,7mm
  • Maximum width 4m
  • Main advantages: small deflection radius and forced guidance


The standard material used is stainless steel 1.4310 (AISI 302). Service temperature: from –50° C to +250° C. Suitable for food use in accordance with Regulation (CE) 1935/2004. The finish of the material is bright polished, thus achieving a reduction int the adhesion of the products on the conveyor belt.

Possibility of other materials for special applications and upon request


Type Z-OSP2 with one triangle

Type Z-OSP2 with two triangles

Type Z-OSE of special shapes

Type Z-Curves

Uses and applications


Food Industry

The metal conveyor belts are perfect for a wide variety of food contact transport application, such as coating, drying, cooling, heating or glazing



Dermet metal conveyor belts can be used in more processes in various sectors such as computer chip welding furnace


Architecture and decoration

Our Z-type conveyor belts also have architectural and interior applications. Separation curtains, railings, both for indoor and outdoor use.



Sprockets are supplied for all pitches and variety of belt types. The Z-type belts move thanks to shafts equipped with sprockets adapted to the belt dimensions, thereby guaranteeing optimal belt movement. These sprockets are customized with the desired dimensions and material. Our sprockets can be mounted on the conveyor shafts regardless of the mounting direction.

Connection tubes for Z-type belts

Connection tubes of various diameters are supplied of the different types of belt we produce. It is an option used for connecting belts to extend the life of the belt in case of breakage.